Car Hiring Tips

– Number of people to be travelling in wedding cars determines how many wedding cars you require. We can assist you with this.

– Both Bride & Groom to be involved when deciding on wedding cars. (That is unless it’s a surprise for your partner)

– Children under 5 often find it difficult to stay alert for the whole day as some require an afternoon naps, it may be practical to leave children in the care of relatives

– Does the wedding car company own the wedding cars or does the bank, as this often can result in wedding car companies going bankrupt, and affecting the most important day of your life.

– Accreditations these are your guarantee that the wedding cars hire company is legitimate.

– Registered business & vehicles make sure both the wedding car hire company and wedding cars are registered.

– All Wedding car Companies must be accredited by the Ministry of Transport.

– The wedding car company do you feel comfortable with the staff as they are a big part of your day? Meet the head driver.

– The wedding cars are they registered to the wedding car Hire Company or will they obtain the wedding cars through other wedding car company’s.

– Umbrellas very important the wedding cars must be equipped with umbrellas in case of wet weather.

– Public liability insurance makes sure the wedding car hire company has public liability insurance for the wedding cars.

– Viewing the wedding cars, you must be welcome to view the cars.

– White wedding cars and Silver wedding cars are the most popular colours for wedding cars. So book well in advance if choosing white or silver wedding cars to avoid been disappointed.

– Payment methods, deposit, and balance should be known upfront and clarify overtime rates to ensure there are no surprises on your wedding day.

– Parents are often left behind after the wedding ceremony be sure to arrange for a special car for them to travel in.

– Photo shoots consider the use of the wedding cars for photo opportunities.

– Itenary for the day, do not under estimate time, take into account long distance travelling and special events which often occur in the CBD on the weekends.

– Ask about special packages for an extra hour upfront rather than pay the overtime rate later on the day as this will exceed the special package.

– Travelling routes for the day ensure your chauffeurs have been given the schedule for the day so they can pre-plan the route to get you to all your wedding destinations safely and on time.

– Getaway car, ask for special packages to help finish off your special wedding day beautifully and remember not to over drink that you have become intoxicated.

– Contracts must have all details listed and details confirmed in writing.

– Confirm your day with the wedding car company a week prior to the wedding date to confirm everything is running on schedule.

– Confirm your day with the wedding car company a week prior to the wedding date to confirm everything is running on schedule.

– Complimentary what is complimentary, what does the package include? Do not assume it’s all complimentary eg. Champagne.

– Photo locations all professional companies will help you select the most popular photo locations, however you may need to check with local councils as some locations may incur a fee or pass on the day.

– All these wedding cars hints and tips will help to obtain quotes and remember to do a direct comparison across the board for quality & price.