King To The Rescue?

The Wedding Car King has been working in the wedding industry for over a decade now assisting brides & grooms in every aspect to make you day a success.

its not uncommon to meet panicking couples who have had their weeding cars double booked by other companies, not to mention they won’t even be advised of this problem until the bridal couple touched base prior to their wedding that this terrible news was told.

Wedding car king has never double booked cars, they take pride in their service that prior to accepting any deposits they double check the vehicles you want are available.

Needing assistance for your photo locations? whether it’s day shots or night shots with expertise in adventuring Sydney the wedding car king will assist with advise with Sydney’s top locations to help make your day a success.

Choose a Hairdresser with Bridal experience or you could be one of the unlucky brides we see on the day. Hairdressers who don’t know how to place the veil in the correct position cause not only the veil to fall off but the bride’s expensive hairstyle to fall apart.

With The Wedding Car King part owner Athanasia & head driver is also a professional Hairdresser & Bridal dress designer.

Athanasia finds her self not only chauffeuring the bridal couple on their special day, but she finds her self smoothly resetting the brides & bride’s maids’ hair during the day. It’s not uncommon to see Athanasia at the bride’s house prior to taking the bride to the ceremony fixing the veil back in the bride’s hair using her hairdressing skills. Brides say it’s a blessing to have Athanasia on board…

Athanasia has seen them all, whether its Athanasia re-strapping your wedding dress or mending straps or beads that have fallen apart theses are things that unfortunately arise… & this is something Athanasia has been once again praised for, mending faulty wedding dresses on your special day. With her dressmaking skills as she hand sews all these problems up.

Wedding car king are more than servicing you in more than one way!